Filtration and management of cutting fluids

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Filtration and management of cutting fluids


Filtration systems & cutting fluid management

SFH contributes to the improvement of the performance of your machining baths by providing solutions compatible with your problems. To achieve this, we offer a complete range of solutions such as hydrostatic filters with filtering media, cartridge filters with automatic cleaning, drum filters with permanent media, magnetic separators and conveyors, coalescence de-oilers, temperature maintenance, low and high pressure spraying...

Filtration of machining fluids

The machining fluid filtration units are easy to use and can be applied to all machining processes.

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Process fluid filtration

SFH proposes global solutions integrating the fluid needs expressed in each specification.  The proposed solutions are built on the basis of our experiences in the field of fluid management and the achievements that we have already implemented. For the realization of each project, SFH is the project manager and the only interlocutor of the customer.

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Filtration & management of cutting fluids

Example of the composition of a filtration plant

According to your needs, we can install

  • De-oiling systems

  • Magnetic separators

  • Flat gravity flumes

  • Hydrostatic filter media 

  • Permanent media filters

  • Hydraulic vacuum filters

  • Oil dosing and topping up units

  • Low and high pressure distribution units

Benefits of an SFH filtration unit

  • Optimize the life of the watering bath by deep filtration 

  • To obtain a better stability of the watering bath by a controlled addition 

  • Improving the quality of machining related to watering (failure to maintain the dimensional and geometric dimensions of parts, Ra not respected...) 

  • Improvement of the working conditions of the operators (development of bacteria, pollution of the ambient air, healthiness of the installations...) 

  • Reduction of the maintenance costs induced on the machine components (pump packing / seals / hydraulic and mechanical components / rotating joints / premature wear of grinding wheels / limited tool life ...) 

  • To meet the environmental requirements of the customer site

  • To promote an ecological and responsible customer image

"Quick and significant financial gains on chip appreciation, cutting fluid recovery and a better company image."
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