Filtration of machining fluids


Filtration and management of machining fluids

The means proposed by SFH must allow to expose the feasibility of an industrial process answering the criteria of expected performances. The objective is to conclude the technical and economic feasibility of the project and to make the most relevant decision for the realization of its future investment.

The benefits of machining fluid filtration
  • Substantial reduction in the cost of cutting oil consumption
  • Reduction in the cost of disposing of used fluids 
  • Increased life span of the coolant bath
  • Improves the quality of machining related to the coolant 
  • Improves the working conditions of the operators 
  • Reduction of maintenance costs on machine components
  • Allows to develop an ecological and responsible customer image
#01 - Our activities

Filtration systems for machining fluids

SFH is a FRENCH designer and manufacturer of machining chip processing lines and cutting fluid filtration and watering systems. According to the expressed need, SFH provides complete "turnkey" equipment. SFH's scope of work includes the study and supply for the implementation of the means and systems as well as the development of the infrastructure necessary for their integration.

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