Chip processing and recovery of your machining waste

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Chip processing


Chip treatment & valorization of machining chips

Originally specialized in hydraulics and industrial filtration, SFH has developed for many years a complete range of machines and equipment for the treatment and valorization of machining chips, grinding sludge and cutting fluids.


The chip compactors allow to reduce the volume and to valorize the machining waste. The chips will be recovered at the exit of the conveyor or in an area provided for treatment.

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SFH shredders are designed to reduce the volume of chips as well as to calibrate them for other operations such as centrifuging or compacting.

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Swarf continuous wringing

SFH wringers are designed to recover the cutting fluid and reuse it to make cleaner, purer chips to increase their resale value.

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Chip transport

SFH chip transport systems are designed and optimized according to the customer's needs and capacity. The SFH transport solutions allow for the automation of the collection of chips, which will therefore generate a better workstation comfort, a lower accident rate but also a gain in manpower.

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Complete turnkey processing system

The SFH turnkey chip processing system gives you the security and peace of mind of a line totally adapted to your needs.

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Treatment and valorization of chips

Example of composition of a complete chain of recovery & recycling chips

A storage unit

  • A hopper with screw,

  • A function of reduction of metal chips by crushing,

  • A compacting press,

  • We also integrate in addition to the tippers, a swarf dewatering station and the transfer of swarf by conveyor belt or scraper or by screw feeder,

  • The machining chips can be taken care of as soon as they leave the machines, by integrating a suction unit underneath the conveyor and an aeraulic evacuation to the centralized machining chip management station.

Management of machining waste

Our chip processing lines (steel, aluminium or stainless steel, titanium...) provide machining professionals with two main advantages in terms of waste management:

  • A first source of savings: it is the possibility of recovering cutting oils and foreign oils present in the chips, filtering them and reusing them.

  • A second source of savings is compaction, i.e. the transformation of machining chips or grinding sludge into briquettes. A briquetting machine or chip compactor considerably reduces the volume of chips and makes storage and transport more economical. At the same time, the user obtains a clean, compact and up to 99.8 % dry material which has a significantly higher resale price because it can be recycled in foundries without further processing.

"Quick and significant financial gains on chip appreciation, cutting fluid recovery and a better company image."
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