Machining chip compactors


Compacting& valorisation of machining chips

The chip compactors allow to reduce the volume and to valorize the machining waste. The chips will be recovered at the exit of the conveyor or in an area provided for treatment.

The benefits of compacting machining waste
  • Valorize the chips with recyclers (better recovery than in bulk: dry chips).
  • Reduce the volume of chips recovered: limits storage and optimizes the carbon footprint by reducing rotation, limiting transport costs.
  • Recovering the cutting liquid in retention: reduction of the humidity rate and re-feeding to the machines.
  • Optimize the management of workshop skips.
  • Enhance the value of briquettes for refiners, steel mills and foundries (better melting efficiency), control and traceability (compact and dry briquettes).
  • To meet the environmental requirements of the site and optimize the safety of the operators.
  • Promote an ecological and responsible image.
The specialist in the compaction of machining waste

Chip compactingsystems

They treat all ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as steel, aluminum, copper, copper-aluminum, titanium, inconel, grinding sludge, dust.

Premium range compacting unit

The PREMIUM range of chip presses are designed to handle large volumes of chips from machining and also grinding sludge.

Available for hire with the option of a maintenance contract and spare parts.

ER range compacting unit

The ecological range of chip compacting units allows the volume of machining waste to be reduced and recycled. The chips will be recovered directly from the conveyor belt.

Available for hire with the option of a maintenance contract and spare parts.

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