High-pressure hydraulic power station, fluid management & recovery of machining waste


A customised offer for the industry in the field of high-pressure hydraulics, cutting fluid management & waste reclamation

Three complementary areas of expertise with over 40 years of experience in trade such as the steel industry, foundry and test bench.

A know-how in the management of cutting fluids, filtration, regeneration in machining and grinding and a complete range of equipment for the reclamation of machining waste composed of shredders/crushers, hoppers, wringers and briquetters.
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Thanks to our engineering department, we design and build high pressure hydraulic power units and stationary hydraulics for the steel industry. In addition, we offer a complete range of equipment and systems for solid/liquid separation and filtration of cutting fluids and industrial effluents. In 2010 we have created a new activity of recycling machines for all your metallic production waste.

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