Chip transport and extraction


Your chip transport

SFH chip transport systems are designed and optimized according to the customer's needs and capacity. The SFH transport solutions allow for the automation of the collection of chips, which will therefore generate a better workstation comfort, a lower accident rate but also a gain in manpower.

Chip transport
  • Automation of chip transport
  • Extraction and lifting of chips from the machine tools
  • Transfer of chips to an automatic chip wringer
  • Continuous feeding of a chip compactor or crushing system 
  • Possibility to work several materials simultaneously without mixing them
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Chip transport systems

SFH offers two complementary but separate chip transport systems: chip conveying and chip extraction. The chosen transport system will be tailored to the customer's needs.

Aeraulic transport

The S.F.H. metal chip conveyor quickly removes chips from the machine and feeds them into the chip processing system (wringer, crusher).

  • Reduces machine bin maintenance costs
  • Improves productivity 
  • Creates a healthy environment 
  • Better handling of cutting fluids
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