Chip handling, filtration, coolant management & stationary hydraulics

#01 -
Chip processing
Our products and turnkey solutions are mainly intended for machining companies, recycling companies and foundries. Our purpose is to build this type of project in collaboration with the customer in order to meet and adapt to the need in the best possible way.

SFH helps you to focus on your core business, and offers you various productive and innovative solutions as well as technical and regulatory developments, thanks to our expertise in the treatment of machining chips.
#02 -
Filtration and management of cutting fluids
S.F.H. contributes to the improvement of the performance of your machining baths by providing solutions compatible with your problems. To achieve this, we offer a complete range of solutions such as hydrostatic filters with filtering media, cartridge filters with automatic cleaning, drum filters with permanent media, magnetic separators and conveyors, coalescence de-oilers, temperature maintenance, low and high pressure spraying...
#03 -
Stationary hydraulic systems
SFH is a french designer and manufacturer of hydraulic systems. Our know-how and our design office allow us to respond to complete requests including hydraulics, mechanics, electrification and automation. We also realise sub-assemblies, working in collaboration with our customers' design offices.

From low pressure to very high pressure, on all liquids, from classic CE machine certification, to ATEX, marine, EAC, UL standards, we design and manufacture systems of all types such as hydraulic power units , from filtration units, spraying units, lubrication, injection or even cooling units, to complete turnkey test benches.
Commercial approach
Commercial approach
In addition and to support our technical choices, we can propose tests, whether for a compaction project or for filtration for example.

These tests are carried out on our premises, with or without the client being present, and we systematically provide a test report, video, photos, etc.
Technical and economic offer
Technical and economic offer
The costing is carried out in pairs by the sales representative and the project manager. The design office can start to draw a project sketch to complete the offer and to argue the technical choices.

After presentation to the customer, agreement and order, the project is carried out in our workshops.
Receipt before shipment
Receipt before shipment
Depending on the project, the completion time can be from a few weeks to several months. The customer comes to SFH for an acceptance test, before shipment and commissioning on site.

The commissioning at the end customer's site is carried out by an SFH team in France and abroad.