Guarantee & Commitment

Quality and Guarantee

SFH wishing to ensure the quality of our projects and the satisfaction of our clients, guarantees installations for 24 months (working 35 hours per week).

This is a indicator for clients of the reliability of our installations.

Our Commitment

SFH respect the planet and put in place solution systems that reduce resource consumption, such as the replacement of IT systems including the removal of cathode-ray screens and the recycling of obsolete material and removal of individual printers.

Since 2011, SFH have a policy to reduce paper consumation, notably :

  • by double-sided printing of client offers and estimates
  • by using the Internet for communication (emailings, newsletter ...)
  • by limiting to the minimum document and email printing


Chip ecological compacting units

Ecological swarf briquetting units

Our hydraulic chips press reduce the volume and give a value to your machining scraps. The chip are collected directly under machine tool conveyors.

Briquetting machine with chip crusher

Technical specifications : model ER20 T

  • Briquette Ø56mm.
  • Briquetting capacity between 15 and 20Kg/h for aluminum and between 30 and 50Kg/h for steel
  • Briquetting pressure of 260 bar so 780Kg/cm².
  • Engine power 3KW.
  • Hydraulic tank 45L.
  • Machine dimension :
    • Length= 1200mm
    • Width = 840mm
    • height = 1020mm
  • Weight : 400Kg
  • Hydraulic oil and the electrical connection are not included.
Briquetting unit under chip conveyor

Technical specifications : model ER44T

  • Briquette Ø70mm.
  • Briquetting capacity between 30 and 60 kg a hour for aluminium and between 60 and 80 kg a hour for steel .
  • Briqueting pressure of 230 bar ( 1140Kg/cm²).
  • Engine power 4KW.
  • Hydraulic tank from 130L to 250L.
  • Machine Dimension :
    • Lenght = 1700mm
    • Width = 1300mm
    • Heigth = 1400mm
  • weigth : 900Kg.
  • Hydraulic oil and electrical connexion not included.
Basic equipment
  • Level sensor for hopper.
  • Pump and tank.
  • Return and air filter.

The capacity of our hydraulic compacting press depends on the form , the humidity and the density of the chips.

Download our PDF documentation : pdfData sheet ecologic chip compactor.


Bin is collected briqueted chips  under conveyor
Siemens automation on briquetting units
Chip hopper for ER20T swarf compacting unit
Chip hopper for ER44T swarf compacting unit

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